Summer hair tutorials...

Now that it's finally warming up and we're starting to feel the heat, you may be looking for ANY way possible to keep your cool...This summer's answer is BRAIDS, BRAIDS, and (yes, you guessed it) more BRAIDS!

And nobody does them better than ...love Maegan who, along with her hair tutorials, shares daily posts of droolworthy wardrobe choices, fashion DIYs, musings on interior design, and some of her heartfelt personal struggles.

and you don't just have to swoon over these styles...You can give them all a whirl for yourself after watching Maegan's Hair-To videos...here!

Clockwise from top-left:
          Pretty Side French Braid lo Updo
          Low Side Fishtail Braid
          Messy Rope Braids
          Waterfall Braid
So hop in front of that mirror and get ready for some Happy Summer Hair Styling!!!


  1. Simply beautiful. I need to start practicing.

  2. I love all of these looks, I'm growing my hair out so hopefully I'll be able to try these out soon. They look so pretty but not too 'try hard' if you know what I mean?!