Weekly Wrap-up

So, I just found out that Land of Nod is coming to CA...woohoo!

Sitting in a Tree's Holman Ranch wedding was up on 100 Layer Cake this week (this one was so much fun)...and the bride just started her own event company!  You can see her work on 100 Layer Cakelet...HERE 

Ever since Sarah posted pics of her Tulum trip, I can't seem to get my head out of the clouds...absolutely dreamy

Came across this quote today and can TOTALLY identify

We made the best Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies...and I ate far too many of them...oops

I was inspired by Kelli Murray, who was inspired by Che and Fidel, to start in on the 52 Project.  I'm challenging myself to document our moments better by taking and posting a portrait of my children each week (I would explain further, but these ladies word it perfectly).  Feel free to join in on the fun and leave your own link in the comments section below

Oh, and I almost forgot...I've been exercising my brain with Lumosity for the past two weeks.  And, as if it's not surprising, my weakest cognitive ability is "Memory"...Ha!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!!

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