oh IKEA...

you just happen to be one of those large, overwhelming, ADD-promoting, uber-consuming places of ultra-consumerism…but it’s DIY “Hack”-jobs like these that make me still love you <3

1}  IKEA Spice Racks (only $3.99) that double as Children's Book Storage by Domestic Simplicity
2}  PRANT (starting at $6.99) boxes clipped together with metal paper clips and painted with acrylics by LIVETHEMMA
3}  FOTO lights (starting at $14.99) repainted in pastel hues by LIVETHEMMA via PoppyTalk
4}  The LACK Bookcase with a painted backing, tacked on, via Flickr

Next time I will come with list in-hand!

1 comment:

  1. Who knew adding a bit of yellow to the back of a bookshelf could look so good?! I must do this for myself one day :)