a sunny Sunday...

and we are inside cleaning up the loft/kids playroom/disaster area...This is not my ideal way of spending a weekend (AT all)...however, it does feel SO good to get stuff back in order and at least be able to walk without those pesky little Legos getting jammed between your toes!

Hey...and maybe, just maybe I will be able to turn some of my recent inspiration into reality!

I'm loving these very vintage visions...especially all the pops of red...what do you think?

...and after discovering that my boys had used a crap-ton of staples to turn one of their walls into an art gallery, I recalled a recent DIY post from Ez of Creature Comforts and a Restoration Hardware room that employed inexpensive and inventive ways to display the ever-changing array of artwork that they produce...

...clipboards and chalkboards...duh!  Why didn't I think of that?  :)

...so it's off to the craftstore I go!


  1. Loving the clipboards!

  2. I love these kids rooms! I'm thinking of doing two jenny lind beds in my daughters room.