52 Lil Love Notes

Okay, so I know it's past Valentine's already and you're probably wondering why I'm still posting about it, but I promise today will be it, AND (just like yesterday's project) this next idea can be used for just about any occasion (birthday, anniversary, Father's/Mother's Day, etc).

Originally I saw this project printed out on a deck of cards, here.  But, since I didn't have one on hand and was already searching for a way to use the super-cute mini mailbox I got at Target last year, I decided to just use cardstock cut to 4 1/4" x 2 1/4" (basically an 8 1/2 x 11 cut into 8 equal pieces) and Avery 5163 labels to print out "52 Things I Love About You" for my hubby. 

 I realize that once you take away the deck of cards "52" no longer seems relevant, but it actually can be!  Just tell your partner that you have written one "Lil Love Note" for each and every week of the year.  That way, they can keep their mailbox (or any box for that matter) close, and open it up throughout the year to be reminded of all the things you really appreciate about them.

If you are having trouble thinking of unique "things" (cause let's face it, 52 is alot of "things") I have posted some of the ones I used for mine.  They are just to give you an idea of how detailed I got with them.  My best advice is to give yourself a few days to compile your list...start with the really obvious reasons, then try to think of all the little things that bring a smile to your face :) 

52 Things I Love About You...
  • You gave me the two most beautiful sons EVER <3
  • You work your butt off for your family
  • You are always looking out for my safety
  • You've fixed every car problem I've had (minus the time I blew a rod through my engine)
  • You cook the perfect hardboiled egg (and make a mean egg salad sandwich)
  • You make me laugh when I want to be mad at you
  • You tell me to "Run like a little bunny!"
  • You made up the song "Sweet Home Agua Dulce" for your dad & it's actually pretty catchy
  • You don't make fun of me when I cry during commercials...ok, maybe just a little :)
  • The way you talk in your British voice a la Monty Python
  • The boys now like watching documentaries instead of Disney's during family movie night
  • Your parents have been married for over 30 years and you want to emulate that
  • You play "Tears in Heaven" on the guitar
  • You've had the same best friend since high school, which shows your loyalty
  • You believe in me, most of the time even more than I believe in myself
  • You let me claim one of our 3 bedrooms as my craft room, even though it means our boys have to share one
  • You keep everything alive in our house...including the dog, fish, and plants
  • You like spending time with your parents
  • You think Differential Equations is fun
  • You build "real" fires in our gas fireplace
  • My mom's fried chicken is your favorite meal
  • You always try to do what's right and good...even on your taxes
  • You don't mind that I decorate our house in pink
  • You never forget to kiss me goodbye before you leave for work in the morning
  • You are always the one to tuck the boys in at night
  • You appreciate all the things I define myself as
  • You don't mind when I don't cook dinner
  • Your bear hugs instantly calm me down
  • You are the most amazing father anyone could ever ask for
  • You will stay up late to talk to me about nothing
  • You have a tough exterior and a sensitive heart
  • You've made me a stronger person
  • You like it when I spoon you
  • I know you will never give up on me
  • I love you for you!
I promise that your loved one will feel all warm and fuzzy inside...and so will you!


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